Thursday, 18 July 2013

Looking for a world clock for distance learning

I need a world clock for international delivery of distance learning. Staff and students need to realise the time difference, I’ve been looking for a solution, but not found anything that works in all browsers. All accept The solution was to use for a nice embed that works in firefox and explorer. There are links that take you to the site for each time zone for lowfi and mobile users Then offer link to which displays a nice flash based interactive map. This seems to work in all browsers but the lowfi links are there for extra support. (see image for final effect)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Curriculum mapping tools, where are they?

We have been looking for a tool to help provide an overview to students of their curriculum. This hasn't been a major project, just a curiosity sparked by a growing desire from staff to show how the whole programme thing fits together.
The modular system means the students miss some of the interconnections between subject and assessments. Seeing the macro level of the curriculum and linking the connections and can allow students to plan further ahead for the assessments and see how feedback connects with the next assessments. It also provides a talking point in class. By pulling up the map at the beginning of the session allows everyone to see 'here we are' and 'this is what's to come'.The most famous example of this type of map is the Bauhaus's (see image)

 What I was hoping for would be a time line mapping tool, that would give the names of the modules, the general aims, the assessments and a rough idea of when they occur. 
The tools needs to be embedded into web pages and PowerPoint slides. It needs to allow you to move in and out of detail.

There are a number of good time line tools out there that come close. The most notable is They mostly fail because 
- they want to be precise about dates, which means the assessment dates have to be exact
- timeline tools lack the flexibility and connectivity of mind mapping tools
- mind mapping tools aren't good at expressing sequences of activities and events
- they  are very expensive for entry level people that just wants to pilot an idea

In the end we are going with prezi and building a template. Which will at least proves the idea. However, the interface of prezi is still fiddly for the novice users, and the embed in explorer opens a new window rather than display the content on the page.

Any suggestions?